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Vantage Point
This monthly column presented by American Airlines President and CEO Tom Horton
highlights the current happenings in aviation. Each month you will be brought
up to date on the status of the airline, current corporate initiatives, new routes
and upcoming services that are being planned specifically for the passengers of
American Airlines. Keep yourself in the know!
Editor's Note
Our American Way Editor, Adam Pitluk, reviews what's going on inside each bi-weekly
issue, gives updates on current magazine promotions, and generally shares whatever's
on his mind at the moment.
Celebrity Feature
On the 1st of each month, American Way features a celebrity and presents an
insightful interview covering topics this A-list personality is passionate about.
Featured Columnists
On a rotating basis, American Way will feature the following writers: Cathy Booth Thomas
with a viewpoint of world happenings and Carlton Stowers who takes readers to little-known
places around the United States. Also added to the rotation will be the humorous writings
of Gus Garcia-Roberts.
Travel Feature
On the 15th of each month, a travel destination is featured, transporting readers to exotic
and intriguing places all over the world.
Include Me
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so I will have a chance to win valuable prizes.



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